Farištamo Eller

Pianist, improviser

Musical Journey for Rescued Farm Animals

Posted on May 10, 2021

All the rescued animals are living in Tuulispää Farm Sanctuary and Ranna Rantšo Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Photos by Annika Lepp
Music by Farištamo Eller
Edited by Jesper Veber

“As a musician it was a magical journey looking into the eyes of these animals and letting music flow. Thank you, Annika, for catcing those touching moments and trusting me to make music for them. And thank you, Jesper, for editing music and photos together.” Farištamo Eller.

“An animal’s eye can speak a great language.” Martin Buber.
This work of art was made for the conference in May 2021 “Animal Futures. Animal Rights in Academia and Activism.”

The sixth international animal rights conferene “Animal Futures. Animal rights in activism and academia.” took place online on May 8 and 9, 2021. This conference focused on imagining future for human-animal relations, in a world that is rapidly transforming. The organizers of the conference were NGO Estonian Vegan Society and NGO Loomus.